15 Ideas To Create Stylish And Contemporary Sunken Living Room Design

The living room is where we spend most of our time watching TV, reading, having guests or just hanging out. When it’s comfortable and chic, our lives feel more in focus. Make your friends enjoy coming to your home, with a sunken seating area that is at the same time an excellent conversational corner and it is a great place for guests reception. If you are lucky enough to have a layered living room design take a look at the 15 ideas to create stylish and contemporary sunken living room design and draw some inspiration how to organize it the best possible way. Enjoy!


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Living rooms that feature a beautiful sunken area, are a prove that this living room design welcoming, modern, and chic, and can make a real difference in the look of the living room. A sunken living room is usually found in split-level homes. The entrance is usually in the stairwell. You can walk up a few steps into the kitchen or in the dining room, or step down a few steps into the living room. This type of style makes the living room to look more spacious and a bit deep. However, depth basically is not achieved in most living rooms.

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  • Sunken living rooms can feature flooring that is different from the rest of the open living space without seeming odd. Sometimes a simple change in the grain of the wood or even the shade of the marble can make a big visual impact. Actually, the sunken living room can play host to some intimate and dreamy evenings right at home. That is why is should be cozy and comfortable and designed as well as possible.
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  • The sunken area aside from giving a living room depth and drama, sunken living rooms, also create a different space to hang out in a more private and intimate atmosphere. The sunken living room is the perfect way to break up the monotony of the open floor plan while ensuring that the space still remains visually airy and consistent.
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