15 Ideas For Unique Home Decorations With River Rocks

It is really amazing how the stones can be used in home decoration and how they can change the look of an entire room or even of the outdoor space giving them a rustic but also a modern style. Home decoration with stones would warm up the atmosphere and enrich it with decorative elements like stone planters, stone hooks or even stone walls. Using stones in interior design is very creative and unique idea and here you have 15 ideas for unique home decorations with river rocks to draw some inspiration from. Enjoy!

This passage way is probably a part of a vintage designed house where the passage way is covered with a pergola which is providing a conventional shade. The water filled passage way is covered with concrete slabs to walk on to the other side. While the stones are there in the entire base in the water pool just as a decoration purpose.

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Decorate the planter with river stones and make from it a beautiful and remarkable statement planter for your balcony or living room.

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Make your hallway look more unique with these stone hooks.

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Make a nice and creative headboard using only stones. This way your bedroom will get a new and completely unique accent wall.

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The stones are used in a room coffee table lying near the window making it adorable and totally unique.

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Decorate your old lamp with some bigger river rocks.

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Make a table placements out of stones and create a chick table decoration for heaving breakfast or lunch with your family or friends.

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An accent wall is meant to rule out the conventional pattern being followed by the rest of the walls of a room whether it be a living room or even a kitchen. Here in the next demonstration we can see the stones being used in the decoration of a classic kitchen making a dual accent wall all around the washing sink space. Though the walls are stained in light peach color but the addition of some dark colored stones all along the wall are immensely multiplying the beauty of the kitchen. A cool way to decorate the whole kitchen.

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This bathroom mat feels great on your feet. All you need is a rubber welcome mat, a bag of river rocks and very strong glue, like contact cement.

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If you work on some splendid ideas how to decorate your tiny balcony space you are going to love this one that uses small stones and definitely makes it worth noticing.

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In the kitchen, your island is the family hangout. From eating quick meals, to cooking a family sized dinner, the kitchen island is a multi-use kitchen accessory. Give it the attention it deserves with an amazing stone veneer finish.

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Create a little bit of distance and separation between your backyard fence and the backyard itself by using small stones that will definitely additionally enhance and decorate your garden.

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Stones can also be used in decorating the washrooms as well in combination with wood.

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This stone fireplace design is absolutely adorable and a perfect addition for your living room or bedroom decorated in rustic style.

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This is another amazing project for the bathroom. Showcase the river rocks placed trough the transparent glass top under the sink and enjoy the view every morning and night.

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