15 Good-looking Indoor And Outdoor Spaces Decorated With Wooden Screens

This post is about how to use wooden screen at home decor and to beautify the home and outdoor places. If you are fed up of curious and jealous neighbors which are living next to your door, try with wooden screens in your outdoor and indoor place. Protect yourself of the sunlight and separate one room from the other in a easy way.

Use it for outdoor, in the garden or backyard. Use it for indoor, for living room, bathroom or hall. Use it for shade in the yard or in the front door. Hereinafter we have to show too many uses of wooden screens at home. Take a look in 15 good-looking indoor and outdoor spaces decorated with wooden screens!

1.Breathtaking privacy wooden screens in the TV wall unit in living room;

Modern look for the living room that will appeal your attention. Take a glimpse in thew following image.

Photo via www.home-designing.com

2. Bring the shadow in the hall by using wooden screens;

Good looking and comfortable shadow for your indoor place. Find idea here.

Photo via www.archilovers.com

3. Nice fence for outdoor place that you can get inspired from;

Extra modern fence for your backyard place. What’s your opinion about this.

Photo via www.fencepanelss.net

4. Good-looking front door decoration idea;

Surprise the postman with wooden screen mailbox front of your house.

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

5. Modern room divider for every taste;

Good looking and easy replacing privacy screen.

Photo via www.decorating-hq.com

6. Use wooden screens for balcony place;

Protect yourself of your jealous neighbors.

Photo via www.houzz.com


Photo via www.casaydiseno.com

7. What a great room partition;

Separate two rooms in easy way. Find idea in this image.

Photo via www.plus.google.com

8. Make the most beautiful wall in your outdoor place;

Add wooden screen as a wall in the outdoor place and decorate with huge concrete planters.

Photo via www.margaritegarden.com


Photo via www.flauminc.com

9. Staircase covering by using privacy screens;

Protect yourself of falling and bring the privacy screens in home decor.

Photo via www.bcliving.com

10. Awning for bringing the fresh air inside the house;

Use wooden screens instead of window.

Photo via www.kosip.org

11. Make drawers for storage to the things with using screens;

Interesting wooden shelves that you would like to see.

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

12. Nice covering for modern look;

Try this at your home.

Photo via www.karmatrendz.wordpress.com

13. Use the screens for bathroom place;

Good looking bathroom that you would love to copy.

Photo via www.kosip.org

14. Use wooden screens for the bedroom door;

Ultra modern bedroom door. Take a glimpse in it.

Photo via www.lasherkeen.com

15. Wood screen ceiling that looks adorable.

I hope that you like it this post. Thanks for following us and have a nice rest of the day.

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