15 Fascinating Ideas How To Creatively Recycle Egg Cartons

We definitely have a lot of egg cartons at home and they can be a good material for your next creative DIY project. There are a lot of things that can be made using them. You can make from perfect wall decoration, sewing kit, floral wrath, pendant light to a playhouse for your kids, Christmas tree etc. These 15 fascinating ideas how to recycle egg cartons in a creative way will show you some very interesting crafts and useful things made out of egg cartons. All these projects are very easy to make and they are very cheap. You must try them because they are undoubtedly worth trying. Enjoy!

1. DIY Lamp

  • Have you ever thought you can make a lamp out of egg cartons. Well this is a prove you can and it looks quite pretty right? And what is more important it can be used in real life as a lamp in you living room or as a table lamp in the bedroom.
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2. Decorated Mirror With Egg Carton Roses

  • Decorate the mirror with egg carton roses for a unique and ornate look.
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3. DIY Bouquet

  • Make a colorful fake bouquet as a decoration for any room in the house. Cut different shapes out of egg carton and make small flowers. Use your imagination and add everything  and paint the egg
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4. Table Decoration

  • Make roses out of egg carton for a beautiful and unusual table decoration.
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5. Egg Carton Pendant Light

  • The egg carton flower pendant light will fit well in your bedroom and will certainly successfully replace the old and ordinary lamp you have used so far.
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6. Decorative Tray

  • This is a great way how to make a decorative tray. Once more the decoration includes egg carton flowers. If not for serving, then you can use the tray to arrange your favorite makeup products, or the perfumes you use the most inside it.
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7. DIY Christmas Tree

  • Something out of the ordinary, but an excellent replacement for a Christmas tree this year if you don’t have money to afford a new one and if you have an excessive amount of egg cartons in your house. You can decorate it the way you want until you get the look you think is the best for the Christmas Eve.
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8. Playhouse For Your Kids

  • This is something different and it will take some time until you create it. But the final result is a beautiful and interesting playhouse for your kids.
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9. DIY Chandelier

  • Create an egg carton creative chandelier to bring life and variety in your home.
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10. Egg Carton Heart

  • This is a very cute DIY egg carton wall art. Painted in red the egg carton make a beautiful heart wall decoration.
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11. DIY Stools

  • Pretty useful and creative idea how to make DIY stools out of egg cartons. The only thing you need are some soft cushions for comfortable enjoyment. And you must admit they don’t look bad at all.
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12. Decoration for Outdoors

  • Making a decoration for outdoors is also possible using egg carton.
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13. Flower Wreath

  • Create a beautiful and colorful egg crate flower wreath to beautify your front door for the holidays.
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14. DIY Sewing Kit

  • You can also make an egg carton sewing kit. This sewing kit is lovely and perfect for your craft room. It is very useful to store all of the essential sewing tools and supplies.
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15. Egg Carton Bugs And Miniature Animals

  • These egg carton bugs and miniature animals are absolutely adorable, and they make a perfect detail for your kid’s room.
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