15 Fascinating And Affordable Garden Screenings That Will Help You Keep Your Privacy

Everyone wants a cozy corner in the garden where the whole family can relax in privacy and peace. But the densely populated district make the task difficult, sometimes there are the neighbors, even the curious passers-by who throw glances inside. And one must not judge, because movement automatically draws attention. The solution might be to build a screening for the garden that will help you in keeping your privacy, but it will also be a great decorative detail for your inside garden design. And it does not have to be expensive, because nowadays there’s a lot cheaper alternatives. Here you have 15 fascinating and affordable garden screenings that will help you keep your privacy. Enjoy!


  • Keep the privacy with curtains. For a more secluded setting, add outdoor curtains to your pergola. They’re easy to move when not in use and can help add to your outdoor decor.
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  • Use artistic panels created with wood frames, and filled with wire mesh and panels of fabric.
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  • Use wood garden fence with some interesting design or combine the woo fence with a concrete wall. This is a very charming blend and a great idea for privacy fence.
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  • Beautify the old wooden fence with bamboo panels and high shrubs. Or combine a wooden fence, concrete wall and bamboo for privacy in the garden.
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  • Consider raising your flower containers to offer privacy to your porch or deck. Raise your containers up using stands and tables and round up the whole space for bigger privacy. Or, you can plant a whole vertical flower wall that will bring life and more color in the garden and will offer also the needed privacy.
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  • Plant some awesome backyard green trees for privacy. It is a very simple and easy design idea, and looks great from the outside and inside.
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  • Build wooden fence with room for flower boxes. This way you will get privacy and a great decorative wall for your garden.
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  • It is a nice and creative recycling idea to use the old garden gate as a wooden fence. Along with some wood the garden gate gives the garden a chic look and a very warm atmosphere.
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  • Make a glass fence of frosted glass for the most modern and private garden space.
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