15 Exposed Brick Wall Interior Ideas To Bring Character Into Your Home

Having exposed brick walls in your home interior maybe sounds a little weird, but it looks different and absolutely fits the interior design. The use of bricks nowadays is very common and brick walls have gained its popularity in the interior design world recently, in the new, modern era of decorating.

The walls dominate every room, so, they can absolutely dictate the style and the energy that will prevail in the room. The exposed brick walls have a major impact on creating a free spirit and bright character of the living room, and the rough industrial nature of the bricks may surely bring a rough and industrial touch in the interior. Decorating with brick walls hard not to be noticed, is perfect for people who want to attain a modern and casual appearance of their living room, warm atmosphere in the bathroom, inviting atmosphere in the bedroom, and enjoyable moments in the kitchen and dining room. Choose some of the 15 exposed brick wall interior ideas to bring character into your home. Enjoy!


  • Brick walls can make a dining room more inviting and cozy. There are several options you can explore. You could have an entire wall with bricks, preferably a wall that’s not covered with wall-mounted furniture.
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  • In the living room, a brick wall would be a feature that gives the space more personality. You could have a brick wall on which you can display artwork or it can be a room-dividing wall, not necessarily very large. In a bright décor where all the other walls are white, for example, a brick wall doesn’t actually need anything else in order to stand out.
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  • A brick wall adds warmth and character to a room and that is why they are perfect and quite nice addition to a bedroom. Usually it’s the wall on which the headboard is placed that’s chosen to be an accent wall. You can use large bricks and allow them to display their earthy color or you can also use white bricks if you don’t personally enjoy the red industrial color of the ordinary and most commonly used bricks.
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  • Brick walls are also very applicable in the kitchen. You could choose to have brick backsplash as a nice accent feature. You can also choose to make a whole wall of the kitchen out of bricks and put up contrasting furniture on it so that they both stand out.
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  • Bricks also look great in the bathroom. Actually they can transform every room in the house and give it additional character and dimension. It would be a nice accent detail for the bathroom décor to create a more relaxing atmosphere.
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