15 Elegant And Efficient Walk-in Closet Ideas

Organizing your clothes might sound like a lot of work, but it is the essential step to liberating yourself from a messy wardrobe. Dreaming of a walk-in closet where you can see your clothes, shoes and accessories in full display? Walk-in closets can be a dream come true, for homeowners who love organized, well-designed spaces where all the clothes are displayed and where you have on reach everything you want to wear.

And deciding what to wear in a walk-in closet might be easier. If you’re considering updating your overcrowded, inefficient closet to a useful, and well organized space, consider stealing some of these 15 elegant and efficient walk-in closet ideas. Enjoy!

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  • There are many traditional designs with a variety of racks, rods and shelving to serve every possible closet purpose. The built-in vanity is ideal for her while the functional island is perfect for him.
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  • The luxury island with see-through glass top drawers is a newer, desirable feature for organization. It offers plenty of space for the jewelry and some small accessories.
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  • There are many modern design that are perfect walk-in closet options for men. Add shoe racks to put the vast shoe collection on display, hanging rods that offer enough space for his suits. An over sized mirror that would be visible from nearly every angle of the space will be a great addition to create a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere for him.
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  • A luxurious closet can be all-white, with floor to ceiling closets, shiny mirrors that give a whole new dimension in the room, and sophisticated details that create all together an amazing walk in closet every woman dreams about. A wide chandelier above a jewelry island is additional luxury touch and a nice beige seating in the middle is another remarkable detail.
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