15 Easy And Interesting DIY Spiral Gardens That Will Motivate You

Find an inspiration in something easy and interesting. We offer you many ideas for good looking outdoor place. Today, on this really hot day you need to rest with this ideas. This post is about spiral garden that you could do it yourself. Sometimes we think that we can’t do something but actually we can. With little creativity and an inspiration we could do many things. In this post you will have a chance to see spiral garden made of different materials. You could reuse old rocks, old stones, recycled bottles, wood, bricks, wall bricks, concrete and many others. This is what you need in your outdoor place room. In this spiral garden you could plant flowers, plants, herbs or whatever you want. Beautify your garden with these small spiral gardens. Also, you could made a spiral garden in an old flower pot. You could have a mini garden for yourself. Take a look in the following¬†15 easy and interesting DIY spiral garden that will motivate you! Share these ideas with your friends and follow us!

1. Wooden spiral garden DIY;

Photo via www.ripost.com

2. Spiral garden hand-made of rocks and stones;

Photo via www.trucsetbricolages.com

3. DIY spiral garden of small rocks;

Photo via www.thewhoot.com

4. DIY stone spiral herb garden;

Photo via www.gardeninggrrl.com

5. Bricks spiral garden DIY;

Photo via www.alyssahagen.com

6. DIY bottle spiral garden;

Photo via www.theownerbuildernetwork.com

7. Stones spiral vegetable garden;

Photo via www.theownerbuildernetwork.com

8. Concrete spiral garden;

Photo via www.balconygardenweb.com

9. Hand made stone spiral garden and stone fountain;

Photo via www.rebloggy.com

10. Stone spiral garden;

Photo via www.rebloggy.com

11. Bricks spiral garden DIY;

Photo via www.adesignideas.com

12. Bricks wall spiral herb garden;

Photo via www.garden.com

13. Stones spiral garden;

Photo via www.inmyinterior.com

14. Stone bricks spiral garden;

Photo via www.adesignideas.com

15. Interesting DIY bricks wall herb spiral garden.

Photo via www.adesignideas.com