15 Easy DIY Ideas How To Organize And Personalize Your Office

Even before you know it, your desk in the office is a mess, your stuff are all over the place and you can never seem to find anything when you need it. Why not add a little touch of order to your desk and organize it in a way that will make you proud every time you see the little wonders you made easily without effort. Use various containers like mason jars, vases, tin cans etc. to create a matching desk accessory set that will keep all your office supplies organized and within reach. If you need inspiration for such DIY projects check out these 15 easy DIY ideas how to organize and personalize your office. Enjoy and try some of them!

1. Box Organizer

Glue some small boxes together and cover them with paper in different colors to make fancy and interesting desk organizer for your pens, pencils, brushes, notebooks, or any book you read in the moment.

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2. Tin Cans Desk Organizer

This DIY tin can desk organizer proves that just about anything can go from trash to treasure.

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3. Geometric Pencil Holder

Make a geometric figure out of paper and when ready paint it in your favorite color to make an interesting and fresh addition in your office.

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4. Painted Pastel Jars

Upcycle those glass jars into a pastel perfection. This is a simple and beautiful way to decorate your desk in no time.

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5. Embroided Pencil Cup

Tie a large knot at the end of your string so it doesn’t slip through the mesh and start your first row. Once back at the beginning, tie off and knot again. Be sure to trim the excess string. Keep going the same way with all your colors. Have fun and play around with different stitching.

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6. Jar Pencil Holders

Dye some glass jars in different shape in white and decorate them to get cute desk organizers for your office.

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7. Fabric Covered Cork Board

Dress up a round cork board with a festive material you will use from your old clothes instead of throwing them. This way you’ll get very beautiful board where you can pin your notes.

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8. DIY Magnetic Colorblock Desk Accessory

These magnetic colorblock desk accessories can add style to your desk and keep the paper clips in order.

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9. Neon Fabric Coil Bowl

Add a few fabric bowls to your desk to organize those little things you need to keep in reach.

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10. Wooden Wall Storage

Make some small wooden boxes and mount them on the wall as storage space for your office.

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11. DIY Desk Drawer Dividers

Use cereal boxes to create amazing desk drawer dividers that fit perfectly in the drawer and allow you to turn the chaos into order.

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12. DIY Gold Berry Basket Organizers

Put these beautiful and fancy berry basket organizers dyed in gold to freshen up your desk and make it more lovely.

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13. Cardboard Triangular Wall Storage

A playful collection of wall triangles perfect for storing pens, pencils, pom poms, and more. It looks pretty awesome just as a piece of wall art.

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14. Fabric Pocket Organizer

Sew pockets of different sizes and shapes into a fabric and hang it on a wall.

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15. Shoe Box Desk Caddy

Make a cute and lovely storage container from a shoe box. Wrap the box in paper, decorate it the way you prefer and you’ll love seeing it every day at your desk with your office supplies well organized.

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