15 DIY Summer Outdoor Serving Area Or Pass Through Window Ideas

Summer is here and hot temperatures are really bored.  What we need is refreshing cold drink in some ideal summer outdoor place to refresh ourselves. Here, in this post you could find perfect ideas for you and your friends. We offer you many ideas how to create your own outdoor serving areas where you will spend the whole day. This place will be your own bar that you will visit it all the time. With a bar like these ones you will have guests every day. So, make this summer fund and interesting.

And now, take a look in 15 DIY summer outdoor serving area or pass through window ideas!

1. Outdoor serving area for summer refreshing;

If you don’t want to spend money on something like this, you could do it yourself in no time. Reuse the TV stand, some old kitchen stuff and create outdoor wall folding table where you you will be serving your guests and friends in the summer. You could have lemonade table, beer cooler table or table for alcoholic drinks. Take a glimpse to find inspiration!

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2. Pass through window ideas;

What a perfect open kitchen for the summer. You can’t do it yourself but you could buy it for sure. You could have outdoor bar stand for yourself, and not to share the serving table with some unknown people. In following, we offer you #7 ideas about your open window kitchen. Take a look and choose one of these pass through the window kitchen for outdoor place. Find inspiration for the summer!

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