15 DIY Garden Decoration With Fallen Tree or Logs That You Will Love To Have

Hi friends. Today is very special day and that’s way this post is very special. Garden decoration could be very easy and cheap, if you pay attention to the following images. You will have a chance to see decoration of pathway, of dining room, how to use spray paint on wooden logs and other ideas.

Too may ideas at one place. Your task is to see the images and to follow the instructions. Find useful the following 15 DIY garden decoration with fallen tree or logs that you will love to have!

1.DIY pathway in the garden by reusing the old wooden logs;

Walk in a style with a pathway made of wooden logs.

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

2. Reuse the wooden stumps and logs for creating outdoor dining room in your garden place;

This is the place where you could gather the whole family.

Photo via www.kitchendecor.com

3. Turn your old wooden logs into lovely mushroom seat stools in the garden;

Comfortable chairs made of wooden logs.

Photo via www.catchmyparty.com

4. DIY wooden log lumps for outdoor places that you would like to have;

Bring the light in your garden. Try with wooden logs.

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

5. Use spray paint for glow in the garden darkness;

With spray paint you could bring light in the garden place.

Photo via www.homedit.com

6. DIY rustic fallen tree as a bird nest;

Make the birds happy with this craft. Do it.

Photo via www.dandelionpatina.com

7. DIY organization of the wooden logs and also garden wall;

Kill two birds with one stone. Garden wall and in same time fire wood organization.

Photo via www.telegraph.com

8. DIY wooden logs arbor for special moments in the garden;

Nice wooden arbor for you garden, handmade.

Photo via www.s3.amazonaws.com

9. DIY raised bed garden made of fallen tree and logs;

Easy raised garden made of fallen tree.

Photo via www.veganslivingofftheland.blogspot.mk

10. DIY bench for the garden made of wooden logs;

Nice wooden bench for any ceremony in the garden.

Photo via www.idodiys.com

11. DIY wood slice fountain in the garden place;

Very attractive wooden slice water fountain.

Photo via www.feelitcool.com

12. DIY planter for the garden made of old wooden logs;

Wooden planter for succulent plants.

Photo via www.homebnc.com

13. Make a wooden train by using wooden log planters;

Wooden train full with planted flowers.

Photo via www.missthin.com

14. Picnic table for your outdoor place that is practical for using;

Drink and eat on a picnic table made of wooden logs and fallen tree.

Photo via www.mytechref.com


Photo via www.buzz-inn.in


Photo via www.freshdesignpedia.com

15. Before and after table made of rustic wooden log;

Nice table that is made of old wooden log. This was the last idea for today. Thanks for following us.

Photo via www.funwiththefullwoods.com