15 Cute Miniature Gardens in Broken Flower Pots

DIY projects are always a welcoming idea especially if you have enough spare time, or you don’t have any ideas how to spend the following weekend. Doing something creative and useful is always the best idea how to spend the free time you have. There are so many ideas how to improve the look of your home, and this time we have a great idea how to enhance the look of your garden. Creating miniature gardens by using the broken pots is something new and something very creative.

There are many ideas how to use a broken pot and its parts to plant small plants, and add some details like little figures or small wooden houses to decorate and create a small garden a fairy would live in. The small creative garden will make everyone to admire your skills and creativeness and will certainly wonder how you got the idea for creating such beautiful decorative item for your garden. Turning broken pots into beautiful fairy miniature gardens is one of the most amazing and creative gardening design ideas proving that even a broken pot can be very useful for creating something beautiful.

By using old broken pots and a little imagination one can create charming whole little world. You can use an accidentally broken piece or carefully cut one out. Afterwards, fill the pot with earth and arrange the potsherd. Some people are going above and beyond, incorporating miniature houses, glass mushrooms, and colorful bird houses into their fairy garden. There are no limits, or some strict rules you need to follow in order to make your own little cute garden. You do not even need some special skills. All you need is to be as much as possible creative and to do what you think would look beautiful. Let your imagination run wild, and you will certainly be amazed by the final result! And if you lack inspiration take a look at these 15 cute miniature gardens in broken flower pots and start your new garden project.

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