15 Creative Spiral Garden to Break the Monotony in Outdoor Place

Hello creative people. Do you need ideas about your garden place? If the answer of this question is YES, you need to stay on this frequency right now. Find an inspiration in easy and interesting ideas about how to make your own spiral garden. We offer you many ideas for good looking outdoor place.

This article is about spiral garden that you could do it yourself. Sometimes we think that we can’t do something but actually we can. With little creativity and an inspiration we could do many things. In this article you will have a chance to see spiral garden made of different materials. Also, to find out what all you could re-purpose for making your own spiral garden. You could reuse old rocks, old stones, recycled bottles, wood, bricks, wall bricks, concrete, wood logs and other material that you don’t need anymore. Find an inspiration in the following images! See 15 creative spiral garden to break the monotony in outdoor place!

Spiral garden made of rocks and Gabion wall;

Photo via www.espacoambiental.org

Unique garden made of cement bricks; 

Photo via www.inmyinterior.com

Use large river rocks for making good organized garden place; 

Photo via www.ohmy-creative.com

Gabion wall is used for garden organization. It looks so good. 

Photo via www.homesteading.com

What a nice idea for your outdoor place. Try to do this and be happy. 

Photo via www.thewhoot.com.au

This is what I called bricks garden. 

Photo via www.goodshomedesign.com

Use wooden logs for this easy craft. it will beautify your garden place for sure. 

Photo via www.meuquintaltemvida.wordpress.com

Use shingles for this project.

Photo via www.corpofluxo.blogspot.mk

If you don’t have enough place in outdoor place, you could use flower pot to do spiral garden. 

Photo via www.dailydosefarm.blogspot.mk

Use bamboo tree for making garden like this one. 

Photo via www.fantasticviewpoint.com

Use flower pots and make vertical tiny garden;

Photo via www.architecturendesign.net

Do it yourself idea about herb garden. Inspiration for you. 

Photo via www.lovethispic.com

Raised garden bed with hay. Interesting idea.

Photo via www.balconygardenweb.com

Use recycled bottles for making this small garden. 

Photo via www.shelleymichel.blogspot.mk

Make wooden boxes and make spiral garden after that. 

This is the last idea for today. Thanks for your attention and keep following us in future.

Photo via www.noserialnumber.com