15 Cheap And Original DIY Ideas For Recycling The Unused Things You Have At Home

Every time you go shopping for decorative objects for your house, remind that there are many cheaper options that make equally good decoration for your house. Recycling is always a good idea when you are low on budget, and there are many things in your home that can be recycled, not thrown away. Be creative, unclutter your home and make some amazing DIY projects. Draw some inspiration from the following 15 cheap and original DIY ideas for recycling the unused things you have at home. Enjoy!

Use the old fashioned metal teapots to create beautiful and fun looking lighting feature for your home. This is a great decoration and a fun use of the vintage teapots.

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If you have no space for a home office then convert the closet in one. Empty a closet and remove the closet pole. Move a desk, or thin table into the space, allowing enough room to close the doors. As a chair you can use a dining chair.

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If you want to capture some of yours or your kids favorite memories and create at the same time eye catching detail for your living room try it by creating a memory box table. Use just a deep picture frame and a similar sized table, to create this charming masterpiece everyone will fall in love with.
CD cases are thing of the past, but this don’t mean that you should throw them. They would be a perfect material for a new DIY project, so upcycle some of them to decorate the plain walls in the house. Crop your images to the size of a CD case, put them inside, and then attach it to the wall. The CD cases are just the perfect size for creating a grid collection of landscape photos on the walls.
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You can transform any drinking glass into a botanical vessel, that can make a very cute and perfect centerpiece as table decoration for any occasion.

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Use the scissors to create different shapes out of paper and then add them to the inside lining of a plain lampshade for creating a very inventive and interesting lighting option.

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Repurpose an old, scuffed and tarnished desc and praise it with a colorful reboot. First you should remove the hardware and sand the surface and then spray the desc with color to give it new life and comletely new look.

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Make another DIY project to embellish the walls in the house by using old calendar pictures. Crop the image from each month and frame it. With some of your favorite pictures you can make a wonderful collection for your walls in the house.

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Unused light fixtures, or any other glass vessel you don’t use in the household, can become creative plant vessel. Because there’s no drainage hole, it is recommendable to be planted plants that don’t demand much water. This would be a great home decorative detail.

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Paint the old candle holders and give them new life. They would make a perfect addition for the table at the holiday season.

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Enhance the headboard and adorn the look of the bedroom with small light weight mirrors. Arrange them grid-style for a glamorous and elegant look in the bedroom.

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Make this romantic outdoor lighting using a wire basket, a few jars, and some tea lights. Add some adornments to make it look more like a chandelier and it will undoubtedly add a handmade glow to your garden.

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Turn salvaged materials, for example scrap metal, into veggie garden containers with industrial-modern style.

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Use the knobs from broken doors to create a unique patio flooring.

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Make display frames out of wood remnants and put some small plants for decorating your garden with a real living art.

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