15 Awesome Living Room Designs With Hardwood Floors

Most of us dream with beautiful living rooms because it’s the most frequently used rooms in the home, so you must make its decor amazing and comfortable for you. Living room floor is maybe the most important thing in the room because it takes up large space on it. Wall to-wall carpeting is not in these days. Sure, it’s more comfortable on your feet, but keeping it clean is difficult and needs regular maintenance. If you have children and pet, then you know exactly what this is about. That is why so many people opt for hardwood floors throughout their homes, and most especially in their living rooms. They offer an attractive look that also happens to be much easier to maintain. So if you want to create the most awesome living room, use hardwood floors to make the room fantastic, warm and elegant. If you like how this sounds and want to see how the hardwood floor look in the living room, take a look at the 15 awesome living room designs with hardwood floors.


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There are plenty of options when it comes for choosing the hardwood floor. You can go light or dark, you can go with wide boards or thin boards. To create a cozy atmosphere for your living room design, dark hardwoods can be the right choice.

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If you choose dark hardwood floor option, than balance the atmosphere and choose furniture in lighter color. You can also balance the situation with the choice of drapes and blinds as well. In the contrary, when choosing light hardwoods, these will work beautiful with darker furniture or the other decorative details.

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To combine the dark hardwoods, choose grey furniture or on in neutral color, but if you want going bold, then you can even combine it with dark furniture as well. However, to break the monotony use some authentic bold piece, as for example a red lamp, or a glamorous chandelier.

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