15 Astounding Ideas For Using The Space Under Your Stairs

Do you feel that you lack space in your home? But how to be sure that every inch in your house is used? No idea that comes to your mind? Have you ever thought about utilizing the available space underneath your stairs? Pretty amazing and clever, right? Be inventive, but if you lack inspiration I strongly recommend everyone take a look at these astounding ideas for using the space under your stairs.

  • Under-stair areas are often neglected or are filled with useless products and old shoes. Now you can transform this space into shelves and storage space and this is only one example how to use this area. How many people figured this out? It’s all about the stairs, their design, and this mystique triangle that you have in your house.

1. Shelves For Your Favorite Books

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2. Useful Shelves For Your Details 

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3. Cool Storage Spaces

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  • The stairs just have to be wide enough and straight forward allowing you to place a TV there and some small shelves. A laptop or a PC will fit in there without any major problems. How many of you thought about using the space under your stairs as a working area?

4. Creative Wall TV Area

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5.Home Study Place

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6.Home Office

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7. Cozy Reading Nook

  • The small dimensions of the space under the stairs make it ideal for creating a cozy reading nook. This way you will have a place where you will relax and read your favorite book with calm, or even take a nap.
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8. Install A Bed

  • Use the extra space under your stairs to place your bed there. You can use it even as your main bedroom if you don’t have enough rooms in your home or apartment, or incorporate a bed under the basement stairs for your guests.
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9. Just For Girls 

  • If the girls in the house need an extra space for their things, transform only for them the space under the stairs.
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10. Amazing Wine Cellar

  • Transform this space into amazing wine cellar if you are a wine enthusiast.
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11. Extra bathroom

  • Make from this place an extra small bathroom in your home that your guests can use.
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12. Install a custom bar under the stairs

  • How about a bar under the stairs? This will create a very glamorous and classy look to your living room.
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13. Mirrored Doors

  • How about some mirrored doors in your living room. This will help you to keep private the stored things under the stairs, but also make the look of the living room more sophisticated and modern.
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14. Install Your Kitchen Under The Stairs

  • Use the space underneath your stairs and place your kitchen there and even your dining room. Using the area under your stairs as kitchen, or at least as a part of the kitchen, is smart if you really lack free space in your house or apartment.
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15. Hallway Under The Stairs

  • The hallway under the stairs can be decorated in many ways using the free space under the stairs. You can use it as storage space, or add some simple decorative elements.
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Do not leave the area underneath your stairs to be a wasted space, let your imagination run wild. Exploit the creative uses of small spaces in your home. Give a chance to some of the outstanding ideas above. You won’t be sorry!