15 Alternatives How To Create Stylish And Enjoyable Outdoor Banquettes

The look of the outdoor is as much important as the look of the indoor space in a house. Sometimes even more important if you have a big garden or a big yard. Looking for an example how to make your outdoor space a welcoming, warm and cozy place for you, your family and eventually, for your guests at summer? Banquettes are a good example how to achieve that. These elegant sofas which are usually build in, or fitted to the wall, often armless can fit in every combination.

They create a cozier, more intimate space. They are elegant, practical and offer a sophisticated alternative to a standard sofa. Good garden furniture needn’t be expensive. You can get some great seating that integrates into the garden and that is maintenance free. The right choice of a banquette, can change completely the look of the outdoor space and significantly improve it. Take a look at the collection of these 15 alternatives how to create stylish and enjoyable outdoor banquettes and inspire yourself.

1.Curved Concrete Banquette

  • You can use concrete blocks as a base and add a smooth finish with a colored wall or cushions. A small fireplace always gives a dose of sophistication to the complete look. Using concrete and a little bit of your imagination, you will make a beautiful place full of life and style.
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2.Small Concrete Balcony Banquette

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3.Japanese Style Banquette

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4.Elegant Combination Of Neutrals And Hit Of Orange

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5.Simple But Elegant Concrete Sectional

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6.Concrete Plus Colorful Pillows

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7.Minimalist And Colorful

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8.Warm and Soft Wooden Banquette

  • Good design can be used in every corner of your yard and you can try this by using wood. Simple wooden base will give you many possibilities how to make the banquette that perfectly fits in your yard, or balcony. Feel free to add some plants or flowers around the banquette to complete the whole look. Play with colors and the result will be amazing. Do whatever you want and create an ideal place for summer days. The lighting plays an important role if you want to enjoy in your garden at night. So, install lamps or even lanterns and make the nights more pleasant and enjoyable.
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9.Minimalist Banquette

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10.Pallet Sectional

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11.Corner Pockets

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12.Colorful Balcony Section

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13.Contemporary Look With Colorful Pillows

  • Contemporary design is not only for indoors. You can design even your outdoor space in a contemporary style. Bring freshness in the combination with a fire or water elements, or just by adding some colorful pillows.
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14.Elegant Roof Terrace

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15.Use Stones With Cushions On Them

  • Stone has many uses, so you can even use it to create your perfect banquette in the garden. Make it comfortable with soft cushions.
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