15 Adorable DIY Bookmarks For All Book Lovers

Hello there all you book lovers! I know how much you like spending time with your favorite books! Reading and getting so lost in the story that you forget about everything around you. Reading a good book can be so calming and relaxing. It’s like entering a whole new world, a world out of all your everyday’s worries and problems. While reading, we explore our imagination’s limits, we go to places we have never been and do things we have never done. We identify with the characters and we feel as if we were right there with them. Amazing, isn’t it?

Reading is definitely a great, quality thing to do in your free time. The whole process is wonderful. Picking up a good book and snuggling up in your favorite spot in the house, a cup of coffee or tea near you…just thinking about it relaxes me and gives me a warm feeling.

Well today we have prepared something great that all you who enjoy reading books are gonna love. We have rounded up 15 DIY projects for making your own bookmarks. Why fold your pages to mark where you left off with your reading or use some boring-looking bookmarks when you can make yourself an adorable and creative one? Making them is so easy and it is also another great, crafty thing to do in your free time. If not for you, then maybe for a friend who also loves to read. It would be a thoughtful gift. And you will find everything that you need around your home. Some of them can serve as cute and colorful decorations for your shelves too.

All these diy bookmarks look so adorable that I am sure you will try not just one, but more of these creative ideas. Take a look!


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