14 Smart Ideas How To Use Empty Space Under Stairs

Hello friends. This post examines smart ideas for smart people as you are. Use the empty place under the stairs and create private and cute place for enjoyment. Take a look in the following images to find motivation. 14 smart ideas how to use empty space under stairs!

1. Under the stair cute small house;

Cute house that you could use for any things.

Photo via www.cuidardacasa.com

2. Under the stairs bathroom and washroom;

Clever way to add bathroom in the place under the stairs.

Photo via www.houzz.com

3. Under the stairs place for reading books;

Hide from the other and read your favorite book in calm place.

Photo via www.houzz.com

4. Under the stairs drawers for cloth storage;

Organize winter cloth in the place under the stairs.

Photo via www.idesignarch.com

5. Under the stairs drawers for storage at some things;

Storage could be problem sometimes. This is the best place to organize your stuff. Be smart.

Photo via www.houzz.com

6. Under the stairs seating place for relaxation; 

Relax in a private place. Find inspiration.

Photo via www.ana-white.com

7. Under the stairs work office for home working;

Work in your home in the best place. Use the empty place under the staircase.

Photo via www.sharps.com

8. Aquarium under the stairs;

Fish aquarium in the under the stairs place. Be clever with clever idea.

Photo via www.diytotry.com

9. Under the stairs house for storage;

Really cute and smart idea.

Photo via www.nlcafe.com

10. Under the stairs home office;

Use under stairs place in a clever way.

Photo via www.4betterhome.com

11. Under the stairs dog house;

Make your dog happy with a house like this.

Photo via www.decoist.com

12. Under the stairs bookshelves;

Walk in a style with staircases bookshelves. Two in one.

Photo via www.livinginashoebox.com

13. Under the stairs drawers for memories;

Use under the stairs place for storage at the things that you need the most.

Photo via www.designrulz.com

14. Under the stair drawers for clothe or shoes;

Very smart idea for you. Take a look!

Photo via www.writespell.com