14 Fresh Mini Indoor Gardens That Will Surprise You

People dream to have indoor mini garden that will beautify their homes. If you are one of them, this is what you could do about that. You could do it yourself indoor mini garden and be satisfied with the result. In this post, you will have an opportunity to find idea for your fresh home. Take a look in 14 fresh indoor mini garden that will surprise you!

1.Indoor mini garden in a glass bottle;

Nice decor for table top in your house. Glass, water and green plant is the perfect combination for fresh garden at home.

Photo via www.gardenista.com

2. Indoor floating garden in home;

This is a room full with life and fresh air. Isn’t it?

Photo via www.weddbook.com

3. Indoor terrarium in a glass;

What a lovely thing that every home needs.

Photo via www.woohome.com

4. Hanging indoor mini gardening;

Nice wall for every home design.

Photo via www.notapaperhouse.com

5. Indoor herb mini garden in the kitchen;

You need herb garden in your home place.

Photo via www.diytomake.com

6. Mini gardening in bottles;

Reuse the old bottles and create mini garden for indoor place.

Photo via www.sfgirlbybay.com

7. Terrarium for fresh home gardening;

Hang the terrarium in your home and adore it every day.

Photo via www.homelife.com

8. Hanging gardening in the kitchen;

You kitchen needs this. Take a look.

Photo via www.gabriella-asztalos.blogspot.com

9. Hanging plants in home;

Hanging vegetables and flowers in your home.

Photo via www.gardenintheair.com

10. Pretty organisation of indoor garden plants;

Who says that we can’t organize the indoor garden?

Photo via www.freshdesignpedia.com

11. Planters on the home wall, organized in a geometric shape;

Nice decor for the house indoor wall.

Photo via www.katanona.com

12. Wooden wall gardening at home;

Add wooden wall in your house for mini gardening.

Photo via www.hacklog.com

13. Easy mini garden for indoor place;

Use sand and succulent for making indoor mini garden.

Photo via www.coconutterfly.loveitsomuch.com

14. Fresh garden mini idea that will surprise you.

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