14 DIY Floating Shelves To Add Something Extra On The Empty Wall


What follows next are 14 DIY floating shelves to add something extra on the empty wall!

1. DIY floating rope shelve with rope;

Put some extra decor on the empty corner in your room. Find inspiration here.

Photo via www.homedit.com

2. DIY night standing hanging floating table;

Place this DIY floating table-shelve next to the bed where you sleep.

Photo via www.meyrinafhom.com

3. DIY floating shelve for towels in the bathroom;

Organize the towels in the bathroom. DIY floating rope shelve.

Photo via www.edeasmith.blogspot.com

4. DIY rope floating shelve for books;

Organize your books in a perfect way. Fill the empty corner in your private room.

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

5. DIY floating hanging shelves for flowers in a pot;

Beautify your home with this indoor garden. Bring flowers and plants and close to the nature.

Photo via www.burkatron.com

7. DIY floating shelves for kitchen stuff;

Save place in your kitchen cabinet. This is something that every woman needs.

Photo via www.rogueengineer.com

8. DIY rope floating shelves for bathroom hygiene;

Organize the toilet paper and other things that you need in the bathroom for hygiene.

Photo via www.movingtothecountryryanhomes.com

9. DIY floating shelves for kids toys organisation;

Organize the kids toys in a perfect way. Do it yourself together with your kids.

Photo via www.notedlist.com

10. DIY floating shelves foe planters in a pot;

Make a herb garden and close to the nature. Gardening will extend your life.

Photo via www.ideas.immocercle.com

11. DIY floating rope shelves for a lamp and accessories holder;

This is what ladies need for their room. Find motivation.

Photo via www.woodenquarter.wordpress.com

12. DIY cable floating shelves for decorative elements in the living room;

Put the tings that are very important for you, right in a shelve that you’ve done it by yourself. Take a glimpse.

Photo via www.theownerbuildernetwork.com

12. DIY cable or rope floating for kitchen stuff;

Organize kitchen stuff pretty and correctly.

Photo via www.emdep.com

13. DIY poplar shelves for adding some thins that you need;

Add some frames that are special for you.

Photo via www.directobras.com

14. DIY rope floating shelves for adding vase and o’clock or some other things;

Add clock on this ideal rope floating shelve, add glass vase, add style in the living room.

Photo via www.homedit.com