14 DIY Extremely Good Planters For Growing Strawberries In The Garden

It’s nice to have fruits in your own garden. You could do a smoothie for you wherever you like. Today, we are going to show you how to grow strawberries in the outdoor place. If you have a big garden, backyard or front yard use the empty space for growing strawberries. Strawberries needs rich soil with organic matter. Take a look in 14 DIY extremely good planters for growing strawberries in the garden! Find idea for your own garden!

1.Grow strawberries in a stacked flower pots;

Stacked flower pots always looks great in the garden But having a strawberries in it, means perfection.

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2. Build a tower strawberries made of wooden boxes;

Wooden tower of strawberries. Take a short look and find idea.

Photo via www.itsjoulife.wordpress.com

3. DIY hanging recycled cans;

Reuse the old cans and plant strawberries in it. When this is finished hang the cans in the garden.

Photo via www.we-made-that.com

4. DIY strawberries in a flower pots;

If you have no place for planting strawberries, plant it in a flower pots. Take a look in the following two images and find idea.

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Photo via www.tomatoville.com

5. Use old PVC pipes for making a strawberries planter;

Reuse the old PVC pipes and find idea for growing strawberries in the garden place.

Photo via www.coolcreativity.com

6. DIY creative hanging basket for growing strawberries in the garden place;

Creative idea for your proper garden. Do it.

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Photo via www.redwhiteandgrew.com

7. DIY basket for growing strawberries;

Do it yourself basket for growing strawberries. Perfect.

Photo via www.lovethispic.com

8. DIY strawberries vertical planter made of wood;

Make a holes in a vertical wooden boxes and plant strawberries in it.

Photo via www.mamamadethem.wordpress.com

9. DIY grow strawberries on the garden railing;

Grow strawberries on the railing in the garden. Inspire yourself.

Photo via www.porch.com

10. DIY reuse the old rain gutters for growing strawberries;

Reuse the old rain gutters for growing strawberries.

Photo via www.mywestcoastgarden.wordpress.com

11. Reuse the old window boxes for growing strawberries;

Follow the instructions below, and plant strawberries in your outdoor place.

Photo via www.hgtv.com

12. Use pallets for making a strawberries planter;

Pallets could be used as a planters in the garden place.

Photo via www.fabartdiy.com

13. DIY special place for planting strawberries;

Interesting idea for your strawberry garden. Find idea here.

Photo via www.sunnysidelocal.com

14. DIY strawberries support.

This is the last idea for today. Thanks for following us and have a nice rest of the day.

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