14 Adorable DIY Mason Jars Projects

Do you have a lot of mason jars lying around your house and you don’t know what to do with them? We are here to help you find a new, creative use for them that you are going to love. Today we have collected 14 incredible DIY mason jars projects for you to try. If you are a crafts lover you will definitely want to give some of these a try. Choose the one you like the most, click on the link bellow the picture to get the instructions and start working!

DIY Mason Jar Lamp

This is a great way to restyle your old lamp. You can get even more creative and decorate your lamp in your own way. You can add marbles or little stones instead of seashells. You can also color the jar. Whatever you prefer. Use your imagination!

Full tutorial on www.melissasgreetings.blogspot.com


DIY Mason Jar Vases

Bring the spring inside your home with these beautiful, creative vases! They will look great on a shelf or on the table as a great centerpiece.

Full tutorial on www.yesterdayontuesday.com


DIY Lego Pencil Holder

Isn’t this just adorable? And it is so easy to make. Don’t waste time and surprise your kids with this quick craft project.

Full tutorial on www.handmadecharlotte.com


DIY Flower Vase

Another brilliant vase for placing flowers around your house. It’s a beautiful decoration and it will definitely warm and brighten your living space! And what a poetic quote! I love it, but you can write something else of course. The choice is yours.

Full tutorial on www.theletteredcottage.net


DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kits

Get creative and organize your sewing items with this little project. These mason jar sewing kits sure look lovely!

Full tutorial on www.waittilyourfathergetshome.com


DIY Mason Jar Cups

If you have a birthday coming up and you are planning a birthday party, you will love this idea. These cute and fancy little jars can be transformed into amazing cups. This jar size is perfect for children, as for the adults you can implement the idea on bigger ones.

Full tutorial on www.iheartnaptime.net


DIY Mason Jar Candle Holder

This Mason Jar Candle Holder is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. And it is very easy to make. Check it out!

Full tutorial on www.ilovethisandthat.com


DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Organize your stuff around the bathroom in a creative way!

Full tutorial on www.lizmarieblog.com


DIY Cupcake Gift Jar

Check out this sweetness! I don’t know about you but I would definitely love to receive a gift like this one. It’s adorable!

Full tutorial on www.lilluna.com


DIY Mason Jar Key Hook

This Key Hook will not only keep your keys organized and on display but will also magnificently decorate your entry hall. It is so easy to make and it doesn’t take much time. See for yourself!

Full tutorial on www.shanty-2-chic.com


DIY Hanging Jar Lanterns

This easy-to-make lanterns are perfect for your garden or your balcony. They marvelously decorate the space and enlighten it beautifully, creating a lovely, romantic atmosphere.

Full tutorial on www.brit.co


DIY Powdered Sugar Shaker

Another easy and quick DIY project that is very practical. Try it out!

Full tutorial on www.theburlapbag.com

DIY Flower Cakes In A Mason Jar

You may think that these are flower pots, but actually these are edible cakes in jars, decorated with flowers. Surprise your guests with this great idea!

Full tutorial on www.instructables.com


DIY Mason Jar Floating Candles

Another creative centerpiece. If you love to decorate your home with candles, you will love this idea.

Full tutorial on www.emmalinebride.com