13 Up to Date Window Treatment Ideas With Curtains and Drapes

Hi positive and creative friends. For me, a beautiful curtain and drapes could take care for the decor of one room. One room need the best present-day curtains and drapes. We need to plan the window treatment in our house. that is very important for us. Hereinafter you will have a chance to see what are the best curtains for this year. Be in trend and be fashionable person. Use our 12 present day ideas and your imagination.

Scroll down for 12 up to date window treatment ideas with curtains and drapes! We shared curtains in red color, curtains in cream color, in white, in orange, in purple and in green color. Choose your favorite two colors and buy at least two curtains for your room. Please, share these ideas with your friends and colleagues.

1.White and red curtains for stylish and fashionable room;

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2. Red curtains and white drapes, I love it. What about you?

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3. White curtains and orange drapes for any of your room;

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4. White and green curtains for your most visited room;

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5. Dark red and white curtains for your room;

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6. Dark and light pink with the combination of white curtains and drapes;

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7. Purple colored curtains for living room, why not?

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8. Cream colored curtains with flowers on it for your stylish bedroom;

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9. White and cream curtains for living room or bedroom window treatment;

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10. Purple and white curtains looks very nice in every living room;

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11. Red, cream and white color for your windows treatment;

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12. Cute pink curtains whit white circles on it;

This is the last idea for today. Thanks for your attention, have a nice rest of the day.

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