13 Small Balcony Gardens Just For You


If you live in apartment and you have no outdoor place for planting flowers, we have a solution for you. Don’t be sad if you have no yard, now every problem have a solution. Firstly, you need to clean your balcony of storage things that you keep there. Secondly, buy flower beds, flower pots, small table and chairs and create your own balcony garden. You will still have place for making other things at your balcony. There will be enough space on your balcony for drying clothes or drinking coffee. Read some interesting book and feel the smell of your own produced flowers.

If you have a little space you could put your flower pots in a vertical row, hanging on your balcony railing. It’s creative and smart. You could fulfill the decoration with small white rocks and stones or romantic candle around the flower pots. Flowers in red color are the symbol of love, passion, and show how adorable person you are if you take care for them. If you are a woman then pink blooms are the best choice for your balcony. Having flowers like these means that you will be smiling all the time.

Your plantings needs light and warm weather, so you must take care to put them in appropriate place in your garden. If you live in the last floor apartment and it is risky to water your flowers, you could buy self-watering flower containers. Of course, during the winter you must keep them inside in your apartment. Here are 13 small balcony gardens just for you!


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