13 Practical Ideas That Will Help You With Bathroom Organization

Last post was about how to organize food in the kitchen pantry. And this is about how to organize bathroom stuff. This is very helpful, and we all need pretty organized bathroom. Take a look inĀ 13 practical ideas that will help you with bathroom organization!

1.Organize hair tools and shampoo in stainless holder;

Cute and smart way how to organize shampoo and hair tools in the bathroom. Find inspiration for your bathroom.

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2. The best way how to organize the towels in the bathroom;

Organize the towels in a way like this. Take a short glimpse.

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3. Under the bathroom sink organization for saving space;

Use under the sink place for storage.

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4. Drawers for bathroom detergent and bathroom stuff;

Add plastic drawers and baskets for putting some things that you need for bathroom.

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5. Hair tools and make up organization;

This ideas are handmade. You could find some idea for your bathroom.

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6. Make up organization in the bathroom;

Hide in the bathroom and transform yourself into beautiful lady.

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7. Teeth brush ans teeth paste holder that you could do it yourself;

Inspiring teeth brush and teeth paste holder. Find idea.

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8. Toilet holder for bathroom;

Log holder for toilet paper in the bathroom.

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9. Bathroom detergent for laundry, storage;

Use faucet in the bathroom for hanging the detergent that you need for laundry.

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10. Organize the bathroom drawers;

Spend some time for organizing the bathroom drawers. Find idea from here.

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11. Organize bathroom counter;

Everything that is organized looks pretty!

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12. Over the door organizer;

Use over the door for organization to the bathroom stuff.

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13. Hide dirty clothe in the drawers in bathroom.

this is the last but the smartest idea for you. Hide the dirty clothe, if you want to have clean bathroom.

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