13 Interesting Things That You Can Do With a Balloon

Today is the day when we could do some crafts. With little creativity and ideas we could do amazing things. Our home is the place that we need to care for, all the time. Hereinafter i invite you to see what you can do with a balloon in no time. The following ideas are very interesting and you need to see it.

Please, take a look in 13 interesting things that you can do with a balloon in no time. Enjoy in the images that I’ve chosen just for you.

1.DIY chandelier ball made of balloon in no time;

Decorate the place for party or other ceremonies. Do it yourself balloon chandelier ball.

Photo via www.decorating-hq.com

2. DIY decorative ball made of balloon and leaves;

Follow the instructions below to find inspiration for this craft.

Photo via www.homesthetics.net

3. DIY plate made of balloon;

Nice decorative plate for fruits in your lovely home.

Photo via www.feelitcool.com

4. DIY modern vase for your fresh flowers.

Inspire yourself in this image. Take a look.

Photo via www.roselypignataro.com

5. Hanging orbs for home decoration;

Beautify any place with these lovely balloon orbs.

Photo via www.evergreenfacts.com

6. Keep your drink cold by using ice in a balloon;

Put the ice into balloon and keep cold your drinks.

Photo via www.tus-manualidades.com

7. Very nice plate for your table top;

Storage the things that you need for every day usage by using this kind of plate.

Photo via www.tus-manualidades.com

8. Use buttons and balloon for making bowl for your home;

Have fun by doing this craft. I love it this bowl made of balloon.

Photo via www.sadtohappyproject.com

9. DIY Decorative vase for your home;

Use balloon, confetti, vase, mod podgeand sponge for creating craft like this.

Photo via www.prakticideas.com

10. Don’t spend money for lights;

This is modern light for your home. Try it.

Photo via www.faktor.com

11. DIY twine ball tree topper;

Include your kids and do this craft in five minutes.

Photo via www.thinkingcloset.com

12. Use table place mat and balloon for creating very nice decorative element;

I love the idea. What about you?

Photo via www.evergreenfacts.com

13. Decorative golden balloons for birthday parties.

Use golden nail and polish the balloons. This is all for today. Thanks for following us and have a nice rest of the day.

Photo via www.birthdayexpress.com