13 Easy diy Hanging Gardening That Will Extend Your Life

Herbs, vegetables, plants and flowers could grow vertical. We could plant it in an empty jar, half wine bottle, in a pail, or in some old can. Don’t throw the things that you don’t need and diy some easy decor for your garden. We have a lot of benefits from this plants. Herbs are very useful and help us to prevent and to cure some diseases, flowers extending our life and vegetables are full with vitamins. Vegetables are great food for summer, so, you can’t be wrong if you decide to plant it and to hang it at some tree or in some other place in your garden. Take a look in the following 13 easy diy hanging gardening!

1. Three glass jars filled with herbs;

You need three empty glass jars. Fill it with land, plant it herbs in it and hang them on some wooden wall in your garden, or maybe at some tree.

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2. Hanging vegetables and flowers;

You could make a hanging pots with flowers and vegetables in it.

Photo via www.athome.kimvallee.com

3. Glass jars with herbs in it;

If you don’t have outdoor place room for growing herbs, you could grow it indoor.

Photo via www.inhabitat.com

4. Hanging herb glass jars on a garden wall;

Take empty glass jars and plant herbs in it. Herbs are used for making tea, and we all need it.

Photo via www.urbanorganicgardener.com

5. Diy hanging flower baskets;

You could re-purpose the old things that you have and to create hanging flower baskets.


Photo via www.recycled-things.com

6. Half wine bottle hanging flowers;

Don’t throw old wine bottles. Re-use them and put some flowers in it. Hang it on some tree in your garden.

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7. Hanging vegetables for fresh salad;

Fresh salad is needed before lunch. Now, you could create your own hanging vegetable garden.

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8. Hanging lemons and flowers;

Lemons are great for growing and they grow fast. Take a look.

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9. Recycled hanging bottles with herbs in it;

Don’t throw the recycled bottles, transform it into great design for your hanging garden.

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10. Hanging strawberries and fresh salad;

We eat a lot strawberries during the summer. So, you could have vertical growing strawberries but also fresh salad.

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11. Vertical green trees;

You could have clean and tidy garden, with vertical green trees.

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12. Hanging tomatoes for the summer;

Tomatoes are vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin E. I think that this is the main reason why we should plant them.

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13. Hanging red tomatoes in a pail;

If you don’t have nothing old for re-purposing, you could use some white pail and to grow hanging tomatoes in it.

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