13 Dreamy DIY Crafts for Christmas House Decor That You Would Like

Hi friends. Slowly but surely winter holidays are coming. Let’s make some DIY crafts and to wish hello to the best season ever. Today is the second of December and it’s time to start with the crafts. See our images, read and follow the instructions for doing some great crafts for Christmas time. This blog is called 13 dreamy DIY crafts for Christmas house decor that you would like!

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1.Use Poinsettia in a red boots for doing some great crafts for Christmas time;

Very inspiring idea.

Photo via www.christmas.365greetings.com

2. Reuse the old glass bottles for doing extra good crafts for Christmas;

Fulfill the empty spaces in your house shelves.

Photo via www.lettcraft.org

3. DIY Snowman made of plastic cans of milk for coffee;

The best idea ever!

Photo via www.lovethispic.com

4. DIY stunning and cheap fireplace of cardboard;

I have already done this fireplace at my home!

Photo via www.icreativeideas.com


Photo via www.etsy.com

5. Very nice design of your old reused glass bottles;

Try this at your house.

Photo via www.zapriateli.com

6. Reuse the old bottles again!

Photo via www.ingeni4ndo.blogspot.mk

7. DIY hanging small houses for your house place;

Very nice idea.

Photo via www.hmhdesigns.wordpress.com

8. DIY Christmas tree made of card board;

Photo via www.goodshomedesign.com

9. DIY cardboard star as a decorative element;

Easy and inexpensive craft.

Photo via www.american-quilting.com

10. DIY wreath of the red flower poinsettia;

The best wreath ever.

Photo via www.crafted-spaces.blogspot.mk

11. DIY Christmas craft in a mason jar;

Use the old mason jars for doing this.

Photo via www.trendir.com

12. DIY alternative Christmas tree on your house walls;

I love the idea.

Photo via www.4ed.com

13. DIY book organization for creating Christmas tree. 

This is the last idea for today. Thanks for your attention and keep following us!

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