13 DIY Garden Fountains That Are Easy For Doing

If you want to decorate your garden but also not to spend money, we have a lot of ideas for you. Old teapots, old kitchen stuff, natural materials as stones and small rocks could be used for doing this. Now, you could made easily your own spectacular garden that will fascinate your guests. In this way, you will save money and you will have amazing garden where you could spend your extra time. Be creative and always wonder for something new. Ask someone, read the articles diy that we post, watch on TV and learn how to do it. Take a look in the following 13 diy garden fountains that are easy for doing.

1.Trees and jug fountain;

The material that you will need for this natural fountain are trees and old jug that are not used anymore. First of all, you need to find appropriate place in your garden where you could put your fountain. Take a look.

Photo via www.theownerbuildernetwork.co

2. Fountains with rocks and stones;

Rocks and stones are natural material that you could find it easily. Also, they are great decorative element for your diy garden fountain.

Photo via www.theownerbuildernetwork.co

3. Wooden garden fountain;

You need wooden pieces 40 cm length. You will need five layers. It gives your garden extra look.

Photo via www.countryliving.com

4. Jug fountain;

When you will find appropriate place in your garden where you could made a fountain, take the old jug and follow the instructions.

Photo via www.lowes.com

5. Wall fountain with stones;

Fountain with stones is easy for doing and was very popular in the past. Also, today you could do it yourself just in your outdoor space.

Photo via www.diycraft.org

6. Table fountain;

Transform your old table into magnificent garden fountain. The water is falling of the ends of the table.

Photo via www.coftable.com

7. Curved Red jug fountain;

Put the red jug in a curved position in your garden. Decorate with white small rocks and your fountain will be completed.

Photo via www.shelterness.com

8. Fountains of small stones;

Put the stones one after another, starting with the biggest stone and ending with the small one.

Photo via www.thegreenhead.com

9. Re-purposing old bathroom stuff;

Don’t throw your old bathroom stuff. With little efforts you could trnsform them into beautiful garden decorative element.

Photo via www.brooksconstruction.net

10. Watering can fountain;

Put the watering cans one behind another and follow the instructions. You will alive your garden.

Photo via www.blog.gardenloversclub.com

11. Bottle and wine wooden barrel fountain;

Re-purpose the old wine wooden barrel and create your own diy fountain. Put water and some glass bottle on the top of the wooden barrel.

Photo via www.flickr.com

12. Old wooden barrel water pond;

This fountain also looks like small waterfall. It gives your garden natural look.

Photo via www.diyprinceples.com

13. Spring Wooden Barrel fountain.

This fountain reminds on spring time and fresh aired places.

Photo via www.stiggysplot.wordpress.com