13 DIY Furniture Makeovers-The Magic Of Paint Brush/Roller

Give new life to the old furniture. Paint it and restore the old tables, old dresser, old bed, old door, and other things that must be restored. There are some things that can’t be thrown away, so we want to give them a new life. Come on, take a glimpse in the following images to find inspiration. Start with the furniture makeover right now!

Discover 13 DIY furniture makeovers-the magic of paint brush/roller.

1. DIY brown into blue colored bed and bedside table;

Give old bed a new life. See this.

Photo via www.nestersnest.com

2. DIY painted old dresser;

Don’t throw the old dresser, renew it. See how!

Photo via www.byvaniejehra.com

3. DIY drawers restoration;

Drawers could be renewed with a paint brush magic.

Photo via www.decoratingfiles.com

4. DIY makeover drawers for make up storage;

Great idea for you. This is what you need to do in your free time.

Photo via www.porch.com

5. DIY renewing make up storage organizer;

Pink organizer for make up storage. Take a glimpse.

Photo via www.fynesdesigns.com

6. DIY painted kitchen stuff organizer;

Organize your plates and glasses in a clever way. Be clever.

Photo via decoratingfiles.com

7. DIY colored table and chairs for dining room or kitchen;

Seat and eat in a style. Find inspiration. Before and after.

Photo via www.followyourheartwoodworking.com

8. DIY makeover old dresser;

This can’t be true. Before and after. Perfect solution for your room.

Photo via www.decoratingfiles.com

9. DIY painted table for bedside;

What a lovely blue table, you could do it yourself.

Photo via www.thesweetestoccasion.com

10. DIY renewing kitchen stuff organizer;

Green kitchen organizer. Come on, take a look for motivation.

Photo via www.vintageamericanhome.com

11. DIY old dresser restoration; 

Before and after, inspiration to start with this project now.

Photo via www.decoratingfiles.com

12. DIY giving new life to the old drawers;

Cute drawers for cures, or other things that you need for everyday usage.

Photo via www.safarimp.com

13. DIY paint the old door.

Paint the entry door and wish warm welcome to the guests that are coming in your house.

Photo via www.howtogal.com