13 DIY Bedside Table Lamp Ideas That You Can Create

If you are scared of the darkness, this is perfect solution for you. Create your own decorated table lamp that you could do it yourself. Now, this table lamp will help you to sleep in peace and without scare. Take a look in the following images to find motivation for your next DIY project. We share 13 DIY bedside table lamp ideas that you can create!

1. Wooden clothes peg table lamp;

Use the old things that you don’t need. Create perfect table for bedside.

Photo via www.loffee.com

2. DIY table lamp made of glass bottle;

Easy DIY table lamp that will beautify your table.

Photo via www.press-my-cards.com

3. DIY paper table lamp for bedside;

Ideal flowers and trees for the table lamp in your room. Find motivation.

Photo via www.architecturendesign.net

4. DIY reused old log for creating table lamp;

Create lighting for your room. Take a look.

Photo via www.world.kapook.com

5. DIY mason jar table lamp;

Use old mason jar for this easy DIY lamp. Take a glimpse.

Photo via www.etsy.com

6. DIY easy and fun table lamp;

Use the stuff that you don’t need anymore. Reuse it.

Photo via www.dcinstyle.com

7. DIY wooden table lamp;

This DIY lamp will perfectly fit in every room.

Photo via www.lindaberner.com

8. DIY geometric table lamp with books stand;

Geometric DIY lamp for your geometric home design.

Photo via www.archzine.com

9. Mini glass table lamps made of glasses;

Decorative element for the table. Take a view.

Photo via www.orgu.modelleri.com

10. Reused tin can for creating romantic table lamp;

Romantic decor for your sleeping room.

Photo via www.modewaerts.wordpress.com

11. DIY table lamp made of reused wine bottle;

When your wine bottle is empty reuse it. Transform it into table lamp.

Photo via www.homegardengreen.com

12. DIY table lamp mason jar aquarium;

Perfect light where also the fish are swimming in a jar.

Photo via www.artzycreations.com

13. DIY rope table lamp.

Interesting and confusing DIY table lamp that you must see. Inspire yourself.

Photo via www.drivenbydecor.com