13 Attractive Things To Do With Reusing the Old Tree Stumps

Hey creative people. This article is about reusing the old tree stumps. If you are looking for some new ideas about garden design, see what we have for you. Use your creativity and be happy person. Here are 13 attractive things to do with reusing the old tree stumps.

Reuse the old wooden logs and make lovely outdoor water fountain;

This is our first idea. Here is shown how to add water feature in outdoor by reusing old wooden slices.

Photo via www.diy.fr

Use some tall three stump for adding flower pots there; 

Creative idea about where to add the flower pots.

Photo via www.earthables.com

Wooden train made of logs for your garden place;

Lovely and cute train for your outdoor place.

Photo via www.wowpopup.ru

Creative planter made by reusing the old tree stump;

It’s very interesting idea. Isn’t it?

Photo via www.balconygardenweb.com

Perfect outdoor flooring that you could do it yourself;

Take care for your garden flooring, use tree logs for this craft.

Photo via www.decorateme.com

Do it yourself bird bath;

Make someone happy with this craft. Make a bath for birds.

Photo via www.hiveminer.com

Outdoor tic-tac toe for little kids;

This is what your kids needs for playing outside.

Photo via www.rampa.net

Outdoor wooden armchair that is handmade and looks nice;

Seat with a style on this lovely chair.

Photo via www.framing-your-future.com

Do it yourself backyard lighting;

Bring the light in your outdoor place.

Photo via www.ideastand.com

Plant flowers right there. This is amazing idea that you will definitely like. 

You don’t need any flower pots, reuse the old wooden stumps.

Photo via www.framing-your-future.com

Outdoor table with chairs for your backyard, garden or front yard. 

this wooden furniture is suitable for every garden place.

Photo via www.balconygardenweb.com

Do it yourself fairy house by reusing the old tree logs and stumps. 

Make wonderful small house by reusing the old tree stump.

Photo via www.diyprojects.ideas2live4.com

Creative idea for making decorative element for outdoor place; 

The last idea is the best idea of this article. I hope that you found interesting ideas here. Thanks for your attention.

Photo via www.diy.fr