13 Attractive Boot Storage Ideas To Choose From

Today, we can find million boot storage options and ideas, like boxes, racks and shelves in every single design, style, shape and size. Search and choose the one that will match completely in your closet or entryway. It is truly essential to organize your shoes and boots not only to keep the house clean, not in a mess, but also to find your favorite pair of boots easily every time you want to wear them. Boots are very important for fall and winter seasons as they look trendy and cool when paired with jeans, dresses and coats. But it is really tricky when it comes to how to store them to stay preserved and in good shape for the next winter. Here you have 13 attractive boot storage ideas to choose from which way you would like to store your boots.


1. Wall Boot Rack

  • Hang the boots on a wall rack to save space in the entryway.
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2. Three Levels Shoe Drawer

  • This shoe drawer has three separate levels for all different kind of shoes. Invest in something like this to divide the shoes and keep them tidy and preserved.
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3. Organize The Shoes Using Crates

  • Use old crates to add a rustic look to the mudroom and have additional space where to put your boots not to be on the floor.
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4. Old Wine Bottles To Preserve The Shape Of Boots

  • Make your boots last longer by maintaining them properly. Keep them straight and in a good form by tucking in wine bottles in each shoe. This is the perfect way to preserve them when the winter season is over.
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5. Boot Tray

  • This rustic boot tray is not only a practical solution, but also a cute way to keep the drips off your floor. It’s easy and interesting DIY idea.
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6. River Stones In An Old Tray

  • We can make the most out of the little floor space in the mudroom with this clever boot keeper. It’s built out of an old tray and some river rock. The mud and sludge seeps through the rocks, and stays within the tray.
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7. Shoe And Boot Cart

  • This cart is very functional as it provides you with enough space for storing your shoes and boots.
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8. DIY Boot Stuffers

  • Not only do these DIY boot stuffers keep your boots in great shape, they are also totally adorable.
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9. Kid’s Shoe Stands

  • Store and display your kid’s shoes by hanging them on stands.
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10. Floor Racks

  • These floor racks are a good choice if you want to store your boots and preserve their shape.
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11. Shoe Closet

  • It would be very convenient if you have a whole closet for your shoes. This way they will be stored nicely and tidy and you will find them easily and sort them easily with the clothes you decide to wear.
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12. Boot Butler

  • Boot Butler is a perfect solution for boot storage and closet organization. This way you will display your boots and they will be off the floor, crease free and will look nice and organized.
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13. Wooden Crates Shoe Storage

  • Wooden crates are always a good solution for storing things and also for storing your shoes and boots. Just place some crates in the entryway and arrange your shoes to be always accessible on your way out.
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