12 Jaw Dropping DIY Lamp Design For Creative People

Hello friends. How are you this night? I am very excited because I have to show you some very creative things. Here are some of the best DIY lamp design that you could do it easily. Find inspiration in the next images and see what you could do in your free time.

Take a look in 12 Jaw dropping DIY lamp design for creative people. Share this idea with your familiar and favorite friends.

1.DIY leather lamp design to boost your creativity;

Do this and be satisfied with the decor in your house.

Photo via www.architectureartdesigns.com

2. DIY geometric shape lamp design for your house;

Make your room beautiful with this craft.

Photo via www.rukikryki.ru

3. Drawn tree on the lam shape that you could do it yourself;

I love this idea and I will definitely try it.

Photo via www.designanddiymagazine.com

4. Heart shaped lamps for romantic people;

This is surely craft for creative people.

Photo via www.ebay.com

5. Interesting DIY lampshade for your bedroom;

Interesting idea for your bed table in your sleeping room.

Photo via www.3dprintingindustry.com

6. DIY lamp made of plate;

Use some plate for making this creative lamp shade.

Photo via www.crafthubs.com

7. DIY lamp of plastic spoons;

This is how you could use plastic spoons in a creative way.

Photo via www.adultism.com

8. DIY mosaic style lamp shade for your house;

Mosaic lamp is what you need for decor.

Photo via www.architectureartdesigns.com

10. Stacked wood lamp shade for creative people as you are;

Impressive idea.

Photo via www.instructables.com

11. Zip tie lamp shade that you could do it yourself;

Use zip tie for making lamp.

Photo via www.ziptieguy.wordpress.com

12. DIY Laser cutter lamp for your dark bedroom;

This is the last idea for today. Thanks for following us, my lovely people. Keep doing that to find and save ideas for your house decor.

Photo via www.behance.net