12 Inspirational DIY Accessory Holder Ideas That You Need To Try

Hello friends. Perfect holder to accessories and jewelry. Now, you could do it yourself. Life is too short for having boring jewelry holders. Be fashionable, be stylish and be creative. We offer you 12 ideas that are very positive and useful for you. DiscoverĀ 12 inspirational DIY accessory holder ideas that you need to try! Inspire yourself!

1. Reuse old plastic or glass bottles for creating accessory holder;

Fantastic ideas for happy people, like you! Try it.

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2. DIY hanger for accessories;

Hang your favorite jewelry, hang your favorite accessories. Use coat hanger for this.

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3. DIY service plate transformed into plate for jewelry storage;

Don’t serve cookies, store your jewelry and organize accessories.

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4. Reuse the old serving plate in a smart way;

Be smart with smart idea.

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5. Use tennis racquet for accessories holder;

If you don’t know how to play tennis, use the tennis racquet for jewelry organizer.

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6. Reuse old picture frame for hanging bracelet or jewelry;

Reuse old picture frame. Take a glimpse and follow the instructions.

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7. Organize accessories in a smart way;

Take a look in the following image to find inspiration.

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8. DIY hanger for favorite accessories;

White little treasure for you. You must try to do something like this one!

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9. DIY happy project for your room;

This is what every woman need in her room. Like and Share.

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10. DIY tree hanger for jewelry;

Interesting but fun idea for your table decor. Also, perfect solution for storage.

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11. DIY plate-jewelry holder;

Perfect idea, isn’t it? Don’t forget to leave comment.

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12. DIY ice cream sticks jewelry box;

Storage your jewelry in this box. made of ice cream sticks. Handmade!

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