12 DIY Ideas For Repurposing Old Kitchen Stuff

 There is never enough space in the house to store the things that you need. If you are creative, you could repurpose the old kitchen things and create a simple decorations. Take a look in the following 12 DIY ideas for repurposing old kitchen stuff.

1. Spoon handles

If you have bought new kitchen spoons, take the old silver spoons and hang it on the wall. You could put some things in it.

Photo via www.my-home-ideas-diy.blogspot.de

2. Tea Cups Lighting Fixture Composition

Tea cups that you don’t use anymore, you could repurpose them into hanging lamps. You need a lamp, a circular diamond tile drill bit and a tea cup.

Photo via www.homesthetics.net

3. Cheese grater Jewellery Holder

You need box cheese grater and green paint. Before painting, rough up the surface of the grater with sand paper. Take the paint and apply to the grater. Let it dry. Now, put it on the greater your jewellery.

Photo via www.my-home-ideas-diy.blogspot.de

4. Fork Hangers

Hanger with old forks could be easily done by yourself. You need three forks, tongs and nails.

Photo via www.nadlanu.com

5. Royal Bookshelf

If you have some old and boring piano and you don’t want to throw it this is an interesting idea to repurpose it.

Photo via www.webchutney.pk

6. Funnels Used as Supplies Organizer

The old funnels could be used for storage at some things that you need.

Photo via www.welke.nl

7. Old Tea Cups Upcycled Into Scandinavian Lamp Shade

Old tea cup could be repurposed into lamps in the same way as we have mentioned before.

Photo via www.marcelokatsuki.folha.blog.uol.com.br

8. Grater pencil holder

Not only for jewelry holder, but also grater could be used as a pencil holder.

Photo via www.servicecentral.com.au

9. DIY Colander Pendant Lamp

Make a hanging colander lamp for your kitchen. It’s simple and easy.

Tutorial on www.theownerbuildernetwork.co

10. Soup ladle candle display

Who would say that by soup ladle could be done amazing candle? Take a look.

Photo via www.servicecentral.com.au

11. Teacup Candles

You could make teacup candle for 1 minute. You need three teacups, old candles and hot glue.

Photo via www.nordiccraft.blogspot.com

12. Wooden Spoons Support Hand Towers

You could make interesting hand towers by using the old wooden spoons.

Photo via www.homesthetics.net