12 Ideas How To Design a Gallery Wall as an Essential Part of Interior

Hi friends. Today, we have a post about how to create a gallery wall in the house. With hanged picture frames you could create a perfect gallery wall for a few minutes.

I would like to show you some of the best images of the houses with a gallery walls. For me, personally, this is essential part of every interior decor. So, what follows next are 12 ideas how to design a gallery wall as an essential part of interior!

1.Design a gallery wall in the living room;

Hang the memories that are very significant for you and create an art wall. Find idea here.

Photo via www.coastalcheri.com

2. Add golden frames and create golden gallery hanging art in your house;

Hang the golden frames and be an artist for your home decor.

Photo via www.allroundcreativejunkie.com

3. Collage gallery wall in your house decor;

Add one big frame with the best photos and save space on your walls.

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

4. DIY gallery wall in your kids’ room by using picture frames in yellow color;

Easy and cheap decor for kids room. Do it together with you kids.

Photo via www.tipjunkie.com


Photo via www.crafthubs.com

5. DIY gallery wall by using coat hanger;

Reuse the old coat hangers and create an eye-catching wall.

Photo via www.home-designing.com

6. Live, love and laugh gallery wall in your house walls;

Very inspirational wall of your house that you could create it.

Photo via www.mynetworkportal.blogspot.mk


Photo via www.modaxmoda.com

7. DIY map gallery wall in your house;

Add a map gallery wall in the hall of your house. Share the places where you have been with the guests that are visiting you.

Photo via www.thinkter.com

8. The most followed Instagram wall photos;

Share the most followed Instagram photos on your real house walls.

Photo via www.interiorforlife.com

9. Fill the empty walls and give your house special look;

Special look for the room where you spend most of the day.

Photo via www.inspiredbycharm.com

10. DIY gallery wall with identical picture frames;

Add identical picture frames and create nice gallery wall. Inspire yourself in this image.

Photo via www.kristinpetrointeriors.designshuffle.com

11. Valentine day wall gallery;

Romantic picture frames for romantic people. Why not?

Photo via www.ctinstyle.com

12. Black and white gallery wall;

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Photo via www.canvas.saatchiart.com