12 DIY Old Furniture Planter For Planting Flowers With Love

We are always looking for some new ideas, for something good that we could do it ourselves. This post is something inspirational and interesting for reading. We are here to give you ideas for making a hit garden in your settlement. Make awesome classroom in your outdoor place room. There are many ideas what you can do with your old furniture. And nor only to use the furniture for seating or for storage of clothes. Now, you could have a flowers and plants in your old desk. But not only in your desk, but also you could reuse the old chairs, bed and dresser. This post is namedĀ 12 DIY old furniture planter for planting flowers with love! Inspire yourself with the following images!

1. DIY old desk planter for flowers;

This ideas might sound weird for you, but they are totally cool. Reuse the old school desk for creating good looking planter for flowers. Find inspiration now!

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2. DIY chair planter;

If you have some old and broken chairs you could re-purpose it into planters for flowers and plants. You could transform your plastc or wooden chairs into perfect planters. Take a glimpse right now!

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3. Recycling old bed and transforming into planters;

If you have some old bed bu you don’t want to throw it away, this is for you. Interesting idea for giving a new life to the old beds. Take look in!

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4. Dresser planter box DIY;

If you have bought some new dresser for you room, reuse the old dresses and don’t throw it away. Reuse the old dresser and transform it into perfect planter for flowers. Take a look.

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