12 DIY Nice Re-purposed Shoe Box Idea Crafts That You Will Love

Make something that you will love it. Easy crafts idea that you will make in no time. Find and save ideas for your home decor. Beautify your home wall with easy project by reused shoe boxes. What follows next is very inspiring and motivating. We share 12 DIY nice re-purposed shoe box idea crafts that you will love! So, share it on your walls if you like it.

1. DIY shoe box hanger;

DIY hanger for coats that you could make of reused shoe boxes. Inspire yourself.

Photo via www.pm-decoration.com

2. DIY cosmetic organizer made by reused shoe box;

Organize cosmetic stuff easy and interesting. Find motivation.

Photo via www.keepitrelax.com

3. DIY wall decor;

Perfect and cheap wall decor by reused shoe boxes. Take a glimpse.

Photo via www.rebeccakelsey.com

4. DIY shoe box towels organizer;

Organize towels in a shoe box. Find idea.

Photo via www.littlepieceofme.com

5. DIY wall storage shelving;

Floating shelves that are handmade in no time.

Photo via www.littlepieceofme.com

6. DIY storage box;

Storage the tings for school in a great shoe box. Find and save idea.

Photo via www.redtedart.com

7. DIY storage box books;

Organize books in a shoe box. Take a looks.

Photo via www.goodhomediy.com

8. DIY wall art made by shoe boxes;

Wall art of shoe boxes. Find inspiration for your house walls.

Photo via www.cremedelacraft.com

9. DIY phone charger holder made of shoe boxes;

DIY phone charger place. Find motivation for your smart phones.

Photo via www.littlepieceofme.com

10. DIY jewelry box by reused shoe box;

Jewelry box that you could do it in no time. Take a look in this image and follow the instructions.

Photo via www.diy-enthusiasts.com

11. DIY shoe box cake storage;

Easy decor for birthdays or celebrations. Find idea.

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12. DIY storage shoe box;

Easy decor for the ladies. Find idea and share it with your friends.

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