12 DIY Nature Inspired Table Place Mat & Apothecary Candy Jars Ideas

This post examines nature inspired table decor that is totally positive. So, if you want to be positive stay with us. We know that if the house is beautiful, it’s easy to take care for the decor. It’s the same as the man/woman. If one person is naturally beautiful, it’s easy to beautify more. If you want to decor your house in a cheap and natural way, you are at the right place. In this post you could find ideas for the table decoration that every home needs. Scroll down to seeĀ 12 DIY nature inspired table place mat & apothecary candy jars ideas!

1. DIY table place mat that beautify the table;

Close o the nature and bring it just in your home. Do it yourself your own place mat and beautify the table. Admire your work every day and also amaze special guests that are coming into your house. Bring pebble or small rocks in your house, reuse the old wine corks or do paper place mat. Find inspiration in the following images to start the decor right now. My favorite is #2, and what about you?

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2. DIY apothecary candy jar;

This is exactly what you need on the table to be positive. Be happy with a candy glasses or jars. Make others happy with this ideal table decor. Put in the jar something that is delicious for eating and not only good for looking in. Candies for dessert, today. Be positive and happy and stay with us! And now take a glimpse in the following #4 images. Please, follow us!

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