12 DIY Inspired Ideas For Reusing Old Tree Stumps, Logs and Trunks

Improve your imagination with 12 inspired ideas for reusing old tree stumps, logs and trunks.

1. DIY tree stump coffee table;

Take a look in the following inspired coffee table. This is the thing that you need in your home.

Photo via www.decoist.com

2. DIY mosaic tree stump that could be used as a table;

Mosaic tree stump for decorating outdoor and indoor place. Inspire yourself.

Photo via www.lifebuzz.com

3. DIY reused tree trunk as a mirror frame in the house;

Beautiful stone walls in the house decorated with reused old tree trunks.

Photo via www.decoist.com

4. DIY easy but cool tree trunk ideas;

Bring impression in the house or in the garden. Find ideas right here.

Photo via www.fabartdiy.com

5. DIY miniature fairy house made of old tree log;

Make a fairy house and make your kids happy with this adorable and interesting toy for playing.

Photo via www.madsmousehouse.com

6. DIY wall clock by reused junk log;

Put this clock on the wall and have well decorated wall.

Photo via www.littlethings.com

7. DIY tree trunk cake holder;

Tree stunk for cake colder is pretty idea. Find motivation for you.

Photo via www.turtlecraftygirl.blogspot.mk

8. Tree slice cupcake stand for party and celebrations;

Find ideas in this image. Tree slice cupcake for your celebrations.

Photo via www.etsy.com

9. Tree inspired kitchen island, DIY;

Tree inspired furniture for spending great time in the house.

Photo via www.trendir.com

10. DIY garden seating area made by old reused tree stumps;

Call your friends and have fun in the garden. Take a look in this image for inspiration.

Photo via www.homearena.com

11. DIY old tree log swinging chair for garden or backyard;

Swing and relax in a old log swing. Do more swinging chairs by reused old tree logs.

Photo via www.theownerbuildernetwork.com

12. DIY fallen tree stump ideas for decor.

DIY filled the empty wall space, tree stump table or painted old tree trunks. Find motivation.

Photo via www.goodhousekeeping.com