12 DIY Faux Stone Ideas For Giving The House an Authentic Look

Faux stone is a decorative building material that could be used for interior or exterior decor. It’s easy to apply and it saves you time. If you have a little knowledge how to apply it, you could do it yourself. Take a look in 12 DIY faux stone ideas for giving the house an authentic look.

1.Install the faux stone wall in the outside wall of the house;

Take a look in this image and follow the instruction below that would help you to do it yourself a faux stone wall.

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2. House underpinning ideas using faux stone;

Use faux stone for house underpinning. This project is very easy and you could do it yourself in no time.

Photo via www.homedecorxp.com

3. Bathroom faux stone wall;

Faux stones are easy to pop on the wall in bathroom. Give your bathroom special charm and impression.

Photo via www.homedecorxp.com

4. Faux stone corner that could be used as a fireplace and as a TV stand;

Create a special TV stand and fireplace at one corner in your house. Save space with this adorable idea.

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5. Use faux stones for decoration of the archways and the mirror in the house;

Take a look in the follow image and fall in love with the decor. Lovely impression.

Photo via www.woohome.com

6. Faux stone used for mailbox decoration outside of the house;

Use faux stones and impress the postman. Give the outdoor place extra look by using faux stones.

Photo via www.homedepot.com

7. Faux stone wall above the staircases;

This wall could be the most beautiful wall of any other wall in the house. I am impressed of this decor with faux stones.

Photo via www.skdstudios.com

8. Give the house authentic look with faux stones;

Follow the instructions below, use your creativity and spend some time for doing the best decor for the house.

Photo via www.genstone.com

9. Install faux stone on the fireplace wall;

If you have no idea how to decor the fireplace wall, find the idea right here.

Photo via www.houzz.com

10. The wall above the staircases again;

Faux stones are easy to install in the house interior. Just choose the wall and start with the decoration.

Photo via www.tpaige.com

11. Faux stone built in wall TV stand and fireplace stand;

Built in wall TV stand and place for fireplace. Take a look in this extra design.

Photo via www.fireplace.mybentolunch.com

12. Faux stone fencing that you could do it yourself.

Decorate the fencing in the garden by using faux stones. Thanks for following us and keep doing that.

Photo via www.fauxpanels.com