12 DIY Fabulous Garden Decor In Five Minutes

Take a look in quickly but fun ideas for you spectacular garden. Be creative and use your creativity to create a perfect things. Here, in this post we offer you many ideas about how to decorate your garden. Take a view inĀ 12 DIY fabulous garden decor in five minutes!

1. Colorful cinder block garden;

Paint the cinder block planters for flowers. Transform the old cinder block and turn them into eye-catching decorative element. Take a look now!

Photo via www.gardenoholic.com

2. DIY planter clock;

Reuse the old clock and turn it into planter for flowers. Inspire yourself!

Photo via www.upsocl.com

3. DIY clay pot people;

Interesting pot people made of flower pots. Easy and fun. All you need is flower pot and five minutes time.

Photo via www.merkulovich.com

4. Shoe planter DIY;

Don’t throe away the old shoes. Plant flowers in it.

Photo via www.pixabay.com

5. Garden in a bath tub;

Re-purpose the old bath tub and transform it into planter for flowers. Perfect flower bed for you!

Photo via www.selfdiscoveryportal.com

6. Clay pot bird bath;

Make something good for the birds. Take a look!

Photo via www.goodshomedesign.com

7. Bird bath planter;

Old birth bath could be turn it into planter for flowers.

Photo via www.popobuzz.wordpress.com

8. DIY cork planter;

What a cute idea for a cute person like you!

Photo via www.diply.com

9. Reusing old bottle for flowers planter;

Hanging planters for flowers made of old bottle. Find inspiration!

Photo via www.plus.google.com

10. DIY table and chair made of wine cork for outdoor;

Perfect table and chairs for seating. Fun idea for you.

Photo via www.corkology.com

11. Pig planter made of bottle;

Cute little pig planter for flowers. Amaze yourself!

Photo via www.manualidadesbeat.com

12. Mushroom chair DIY;

Make a special chair for your little kids. Find inspiration!

Photo via www.planbanana.com