12 Cheap Ideas For Garden In A Tea Cup That You Will Definitely Love It

This post is about cheap ideas for garden in a tea cup. We made a little research and found some great images for you. Your task is just to take a look. Reuse the old kitchen stuff for some great decor. Don’t throw away the old tea cups or coffee cups. Create a perfect garden in it. If they look old you could paint it in any color that you desire. Now, you could have clean garden with this creative element in your big garden. You will have a tea cup full with nature and happiness. You could add different tea cups in your garden with different plants in it. Also, you could repeat this DIY project and to do this decor in your indoor place. Make a lovely garden in every room of your house that you will love it. This is easy project and it will took you a few hours. Make something good that you will admire it each day. Take a look in the following images and find inspiration. Do it yourself!

Inspire yourself with 12 cheap ideas for garden in a tea cup that you will definitely love it!

1. Big size tea cup garden;

Photo via www.bmstores.com

2. Succulent garden in a tea cup;

Photo via www.republicofsucculents.com

3. Black tea cup garden;

Photo via www.keyword.com

4. Tea cup planter;

Photo via www.etsy.com

5.Two tea cups planters for flowers;

Photo via www.brattleborobrief.com

6. Tea cup succulent garden;

Photo via www.womansday.com

7. Nature in a tea cup;

Photo via www.revolucionermk.com

8. Tea cup garden;

Photo via www.shelterness.com

9. Tea cup basket for flowers planter;

Photo via www.plant-theatre.com

10. Succulent garden in a tea cup;

Photo via www.wiki.nurserylive.com

11. Tea cup basket for plants and flowers;

Photo via www.notonthehighstreet.com

12. Coffee cup planter for flowers;

Photo via www.conservatory-florist.com