12 Amazing Courtyards With Stone Stairs

Courtyards are used for business conversation but also for family gathering and business travelers. It is good for one traveler to rest in beautiful hotel with beautiful courtyard. The first courtyard was called courtyard by Marriott and was built in 1983. It doesn’t mean that courtyards are used only for hotels, you could made your courtyard for you and your family where you could enjoy and have fun. If you have a dilemma how to decor your courtyard, here i presented some pictures of courtyards with stone stairs. Stone stairs were made in the past in the old houses. Today are also modern and attractive. The stone stairs are impressive and easy to made. They are created by natural material. Stairs could be open on the left or the right side, or they could be open on the both sides. If you decide to decor your courtyard like this ones you could do it yourself, if you have skills and a little experience. All you need is stones, time and a little inspiration. I am sure that you will get an inspiration when you will take a look in this pictures. So, find stones and someone who will help you to do this. Stones could be in different shapes and colors. We may see tall stair or short one. If you want you may put grey, brown or dark black stones. For decoration you could add some flowers between the stone stairs. This kind of courtyard will be excellent for children to jump and to count the steps. One, two, three, four, five. Come on, take a look!


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