12 Absolutely Genius Furniture Design Ideas

I think that it’s time to distance ourselves from the standard furniture designs of everyday furniture like chairs, tables, desks and cupboards. Nowadays, the designer comes along and changes the furniture design creating something unique and genius!

There are many different unique creations of furniture and it’s always fun and interesting to discover them one by one.
Below you can see the gallery with 12 Absolutely Genius Furniture Design Ideas. Each one of them is eye-catching, fun, genius and multi-functional in the same time with some amazing design work and style.

If you’re sick and tired of the same old furniture design, choose one of these unique furniture ideas and have fun!!!

1.Capstan Table

Designed by David Fletcher


2. Multifunctional sofa/dining table

Designed by Julia Kononenko


3.  The coffee bench

Designed by Beyond Standards


4. The Staircase Storage Solution

Design made by Danny Kuo


5. The Flap Table Luxury Gold

Designed by Koralturk


6. Story

Designed by Fanny Adams

7. The Bada table/ loveseat

Designed by Ecosystems


8. A chair inside a chair

Designed by Flavio Scalzo


9. The Pause sofabed

Designed by Meike Langer


10. The Goliath console/dining table

Source Goliath


11. Awesome Cauch Transforms

Image via www.mediene-habitat.fr


12. Fractal 23