11 Intelligent Ideas How To Save Indoor And Outdoor Space

Hello my intelligent friends. I’ve been thinking that you would like to find ideas about how to save space at home, but also for outside place. This is very important for those who have small homes. I invite you to take a glimpse inĀ 11 intelligent ideas how to save space indoor and outdoor!

Save space in the interior;

1.Table in the bath tub;

This table will totally relax your mind and body. Take a look in the following two images to find inspiration.

Photo via www.smartschoolhouse.com


Photo via www.knickoftime.net

2. Put mirror over the door;

Save space and put the mirror over the door. Smart idea for smart people!

Photo via www.goodsellwholesaler.com

3. Storage bed for storage to the things that you don’t need;

This bed is both impressive and functional.

Photo via www.dvrlists.com

4. Fake table for saving space at home;

Fake table for dining.

Photo via www.mocosubmit.com

Fake table for make up.

Photo via www.imgur.com

5. Shoes storage bench;

Use this bench for seating but also for storage to the shoes.

Photo via www.fixthisbuildthat.com

6. Bookshelves in the bed;

This is the right place for your shoes.

Photo via www.treehugger.com

7. Window seat kids clothe storage idea;

Storage the kids clothe in the window seat place.

Photo via www.highwatchfarm.com

8. Mirror with lights;

Mirror with lights is perfect for girls.

Photo via www.vidalondon.net

Save space in the garden;

9. Planter box with bench;

Use the bench for seating but also for box planters.

Photo via www.houzz.com

10. Vertical garden for saving space;

Save space in the garden with vertical planters. Hang the flower pots and save space in the garden.

Photo via www.homebnc.com

11. Tree bench and flower box at one place;

Use the place around the tree and create a bench with a flower bed. Thanks for following us!

Photo via www.decoist.com