10 Useful Nail Polish Storage Ideas that You Would Love to Copy

Nail polish is one beauty item that is a pleasure to use it and look it, with its pretty different colors and nice packaging. But, If you have them in large number, I think that you have a problem to store and organize them. For that reason, today we have decided to bring to you 10 useful nail polish storage ideas that will help you to solve the problem.

There are different ways to store them in a way that will be easily accessible in every moment. For me, the best option to store nail polish is on tiny shelves that are hanging on the wall. It’s a simple and efficient way to keep them organized.

Another option to store nail polish are boxes. You can place them in large storage boxes that are easy to stack and handle. Other solution for you are hanging organizers. They are is easy to use and you can move them around.

Check out our ideas below and choose which one you will copy. Stay up to date with us for other inspiring organization ideas!

1. Diy Nail Polish Box

Full titorial: www.thebeautydepartment.com


2. Nail Polish Stored in a Closed Jewelry Hanger

Photo via www.khw-news.com


3. Custom Shelf Nail Polish Storage

Photo via www.fmag.com


4. Nail Polish Storage Shelf

Photo via www.beautyhigh.com


5. Nail Polish Storage from Ebay

Full tutorial: www.vipxo.co.uk




6. Nail Polish Case

Photo via www.glamour.com


7. Heart Shelf

Full tutorial: www.theycallmetrue.com


8. Nail Polish Drawers

Full tutorial: www.organizeit.com


9. Nail Polish Storage Box

Full tutorial: www.withloveana.blogspot.com


10. Bookshelf Nail Polish Rack

Photo via www.ekosmetika.wordpress.com