10 Inspirational Ideas How To Make Your Own Balcony Paradise

Balcony is a place in your home or apartment where you should feel relaxed and comfy. But choosing the best balcony design can be quite challenging. This is a place that can offer a charming outdoor seating area and connect home interiors with the nature in a very attractive and appealing way. You can make your balcony colorful and beautiful with lovely flower pots. This way you will fill your balcony with greenery. But not only this way you can design your balcony. There are endless possibilities how to make your balcony look beautiful, unique, but first of all comfy and cozy. That would be the place for you to enjoy in any time of the day or night. Here is a large collection of gorgeous balcony designs and inspiring ideas for decorating small and charming outdoor areas that help add charm to your home. Just scroll down to see these 10 inspirational ideas how to make your own balcony paradise and choose which one is your favorite. Enjoy!

1. Small Investment For Greater Privacy On Your Balcony

  • Balcony design with bamboo sticks makes a good looking balcony with cute and simple design, that is also functional especially if you want more privacy. The added ornamentation surrounding rocks of different dimensions fit perfectly in the whole look.
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Photo via www.houzz.com


2. You Can’t Go Wrong With Beach Inspired Design

  • A hammock would definitely be a better choice for your balcony than chairs and a table for hot summer days. You can enjoy in the hammock reading a book, or taking a nap in summer days or nights.
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3. Decorate The Balcony In a Moroccan Style For Beautiful And Cozy Look

  • Morocco’s rich culture is reflected in its fascinating interior design style, characterized by vibrant colors and exquisite furnishings. Ceramic tiled tables, hand embroidered cushions and a beautiful rug blend all together to create a cozy and beautiful look.  So do not hesitate, but add Moroccan flair to your own balcony.
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4. If You Don’t Want Simplicity Opt For Inviting And Comfy Contemporary Balcony Design

  • Contemporary design is always attractive and eye catching. Use the space on your balcony and transform it into your own little paradise.
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5. Ship Deck With Navy Motives For A Nautical Balcony And Everyday Sea Feeling

  • A very creative idea for your balcony to get a unique style. All you need is a ship deck, an umbrella with white blue stripes and beach chair. You can add decorative details as some white shells or souvenirs from your last beach vacation on display.
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6. Balcony Design With A Rustic Look

  • The rustic warmth is always appealing, even if the design is not so rich, or the furnishing is not so comfortable.
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7. Bright, Colorful And Cozy Cottage Charm Right Into Your Balcony

  • When you think outside the box, the possibilities are endless. That’s the philosophy proven in this stylish and colorful balcony, which taps into the cottage charm for a look that is as comfortable as it is chic.
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8. Lovely Balconies That Are Small But Romantic

  • Small but romantic balcony is everything that sometimes you need. Day or night time that you spend on your lovely balcony can be so pleasant by transforming it into your perfect romantic corner. Add some flowers that will literally fill your balcony with joy, happiness, or create a cozy balcony where you can enjoy the romantic sunset colors every night.
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9. Original And Distinctive Balcony Design With Asian Touch

  • Looking for something exquisite and unique? The elephant sculpture gives this entire balcony a fancy look. These festive pillows will add an eye-catching pop of color and will revive the space.
Photo via www.thecrossinteriordesign.com


10. Go For Adorable Boho Chic Balcony Décor

  • Boho chic is an amazing bright style, colorful and ideal for spring and summer. Just use and play with bright textiles, include some blankets, rugs and big colorful floor cushions. Don’t forget greenery, like potted plants, and your favorite flowers.
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